Offering Sales and Discounts During Our Live Wedding Show

The Importance of Sales and Discounts

When engaged couples are planning their wedding, budgets can get very tight.  Most engaged couples look for vendors that offer discounts, or they will wait for vendors to run a sales events.   Running a sales event during our live wedding show creates an urgency for engaged couples to lock down pricing, and/or services from a wedding vendor.

On average, engaged couples will research 3-5 wedding companies per category before taking action with a final decision on which vendor to go with.   The reason we offer our live wedding shows every six weeks is because it creates the perfect timing in the engaged couples wedding planning journey.  When attending a local, semi annual wedding expo in their hometown, most engaged couples go to the expo to look, and to learn more about the vendors, and product/services that are offered.   Very rarely are they ready to buy, or lock down a decision with a vendor at the expo.  At the end of the wedding expo, the engaged couple takes home their notes, sales flyers, free samples, etc. and they start to do their research on which vendor has the better deal.   Knowing there won’t be another wedding expo in their town by the time they get married, they now have to make a decision with the vendors that were at the show.

At this point the engaged couples would really like to attend another show.   Unfortunately, there are non that run that close together.   Having an online expo allows the engaged couples to not only view more vendors per category, but they can connect with the vendors at the time they need them most.    Engaged couples will be ready to purchase at the 2nd or 3rd live wedding show they attend on our site.   They will be looking for money saving products, and/or services.   That is why it’s so important to read through all of the material on our site that teaches you how to grow your business, and how to take advantage of the vendor resources that we offer.

How To Advertise On Our Site

Take advantage of our vendor resources listed on the ‘How To Successfully Market Your Business On Wedding Expo Online’ page.   We can’t wait to see your content on our site for engaged couples.
See you in the Expo!

What Type of Sales and Discounts To Offer

Sales and discounts engaged couples are looking for:

  1. A percentage off:   Engaged couples will purchase more from a percentage off sale rather than an offer with free shipping.   The most popular ‘percentage off’ sale that will get the engaged couples attention is 20%-25% off.
  2. A package deal:   You can offer products that come in a group package in order for the customer to receive the discount.   For example:  Lets say you sell wedding dresses, you could offer a package deal price if they buy the wedding dress, and the bridesmaids dresses together.
  3. Free shipping:  If you are an online wedding vendor you could offer free shipping if the customer purchases a certain amount from you.
  4. Free items:  Offer free items if the engaged couple orders a lot of products from you.   Offer a free item if they send you referrals.

Run A Sales Event

Sales events will appear on the sales events page during our live wedding shows.   You must be a Vendor Plus member to submit a sales event.  Click on the link below to post your sales event to display at our live wedding show.