You will receive an immediate digital PDF of 28 pages that includes everything you need to plan, organize, and budget your wedding!

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NOTE: Be sure to download it in Adobe Reader for accurate viewing, and printing.
Once the pdf loads in a new window, you can either print it immediately, or you can download it to your computer.

Here is what is included on each page of your planning guide:

Front Page

Page 1: The start of your calendar checklist.

-Immediately after the engagement.
-Six months or more before the wedding.

Page 2: Checklist continued from page 1.
-Four months or more before the wedding.
-Three months or more before the wedding.
-Two months or more before the wedding.
-One month before the wedding.

Page 3: Checklist continued from page 2.
-Two weeks before the wedding
-One week before the wedding.
-One day before the wedding.
-On the wedding day.
-Note section for additional notes.

Page 4: Budget Expense Record

Page 5: The Bride’s Trousseau
-Bridal Gown Information (place, price, size, etc.)
-Bridal Accessories (Shoes, jewelry, etc.)

Page 6: The Attendants
-The Maids (Names, phone numbers, etc.)
-Attendants Accessories (Shoes, jewelry, makeup, etc.)

Page 7: The Attendants continued from page 6
-The groomsmen/ushers (names, phone numbers, etc.)
– Measurements for groomsmen and ushers.

Page 8: Pre Wedding Details
-Engagement and Wedding Rings (Place, size, etc.)
-Invitations and Stationery (Vendor name, cost, etc.)

Page 9: Invitation Wording Worksheet
-A whole page to write your wording.

Page 10: Gift Registry
-Stores where gifts are registered.
(Store name, phone number, website, etc.)

Page 11: Gift Registry information continued
– Dining and Serving items you may want

Page 12: Gift Registry information continued
-Items for the bedroom.
-Items for the bathroom.
-Items around the house.
-Other items not listed on the planning guide.

Page 13: Bridal Shower #1
-Hostess name, place, time etc.
-List of gifts and who gave you the gift.
-Check off to send thank you for gift.

Page 14: Bridal Shower #1
-Hostess name, place, time etc.
-List of gifts and who gave you the gift.
-Check off to send thank you for gift.

Page 15: The Rehearsal
-Rehearsal date and time.
-The rehearsal dinner information (place, time, etc.)
-Rehearsal guest list.

Page 16: Wedding Day Details
-Beauty (Salon, hair and nail appointment info)
-The cake (bakery name, place, price, etc.)
-Transportation (company name, price, etc.)
– Transportation tips.

Page 17: Wedding Day Details continued
-Music (DJ name, phone number, price, etc.)
-Musical song selection.
-Bride and grooms first dance song choice.
-Wedding party, parent dance, etc. song choices.

Page 18: Wedding Day Details continued
-Photography (Studio name, price, etc.)
-Photo line-up list (when and where pictures will be taken)

Page 19: At The Reception Photography List
-Notes for photographer

Page 20: Videography
-Name of studio, price, etc.
-Notes on what you want your videographer to capture.
-Reception restroom basket list (ladies and men’s room)

Page 21: The Decor
-Flowers (florist name, address, price, delivery date, etc.)
-Bouquet list for bride and attendants and décor.

Page 22: Balloons and Decorations
– List for you to put name of store, address, price, etc.)

Page 23: The Wedding Day
-Ceremony site (name, address, ceremony time, etc.)
-Items to remember to bring to ceremony site.

Page 24: Your Personal Wedding Vows
-The whole page to write your vows.

Page 25: The Reception
-Name of site, caterer, special notes, price, etc.
-Catering tips are listed at the bottom of the page.

Page 26: Traditional Wedding Party Lineup
-A picture guide on how to line up your wedding party
For the ceremony and reception.

Page 27: The Honeymoon
-Travel agent name, phone, price, location, etc.
-Packing list.