Welcome to the Vendors Lounge!

The Vendors Lounge is for vendors only and is full of resources to help grow your business and connect with engaged couples.   This page is your planning dashboard that will include easy access to areas on our site.  Be sure to check back often for updated navigation options to complete your online expo experience.

Have you ever tried to sign up for a local expo or local wedding show only to find out that you couldn’t reserve a booth because your wedding category was filled up?  Most local wedding shows only have a certain amount of space per category, which leaves a lot of vendors left out.  Here at Wedding Expo Online there are no booths to rent, or limits to how many vendors per category can participate in our live online wedding community. 

Your monthly membership fee helps with advertising of this site to bring qualified engaged couples directly to you.  By offering our online wedding community to you, the vendor, you get to decide what features on our website you want to participate in.   Wedding Expo Online is the platform many vendors have been looking for.


To enter the live expo be sure to log in and join us on the Center Stage page.


Filling up our online Expo is so exciting! By taking advantage of the advertising options for your wedding business on our site, you will be actively busy connecting with qualified engaged couples.  Most of the options listed on this page are included with your monthly basic vendor membership.  If you would like to participate in all of our vendor options be sure to become a Vendor Plus member.   We have made it very affordable to get your business noticed, and to help you connect with engaged couples with our monthly memberships.

The more you participate in filling up the expo the more members will learn about your wedding business, and they will want to connect with you.   On this page we have listed links to areas on our site that will help grow your business so you can connect with qualified engaged couples.  Be sure to check out the Q&A page for vendors if you have any questions.

You’ll notice a ‘V’ or ‘VP’ in the titles on this page.   ‘V’ and ‘VP’ help indicate what you can access per vendor membership.   V=basic vendor membership and VP=vendor plus membership.   Most of the options below are included with the basic vendor membership.

Submit Your Articles (V & VP)

Do you want to submit an article about your wedding business?  Now you can!  Share your wedding business with engaged couples on our site.   Do you have a certain product or service that you want to write an article about?   Do you want to write about a certain topic that engaged couples are looking for?   This is a great way to increase your advertising on our site and to connect with engaged couples.  Members can comment on your posts, they can click on your user name or profile URL on the post that will take them directly to your profile page, and they can share your post on other social media sites.   Submitting articles to our site is included with your monthly membership.    Be sure to check out the ‘articles needed’ section on this page to help you with ideas of what to write.

Successfully Market Your Business On Our Site (V&VP)

 When it comes to connecting with qualified engaged couples and building your business, we are here with you every step of the way.   We go into depth on one of the most important details when marketing your business, which happens to be marketing etiquette.  Click on the link below to learn all of the ways you can have a successful marketing campaign on Wedding Expo Online.

Create A Portfolio (V & VP)

We are so excited to have this option available to wedding vendors on our site! Portfolios are a great way to exhibit your products, wedding business, and to drive more traffic to your wedding business.  Display your portfolio today! (To see how vendor portfolios are displayed, check out the Wedding Vendor Portfolio page. Be sure to read the vendors Q&A page for rules and regulations to uploading photos to our site.

To learn more about submitting a portfolio, be sure to log in and check out the Add Your Portfolio page.

Join Our Forums (V & VP)

Our live forums are a great way to connect with engaged couples.   There are rules for our forums so check out the Q&A page for vendors for full details on what you can and cannot post on the forums.   So, join the forums today to comment on posts, create groups/topics, or click on your favorites to save for later.   Check out the forums page for more details.


Once you become a member, take a look at our vendor directory and make sure your information is showing up correctly.    You can go into your account and click on profile, and then click on edit.   You’ll want to make sure that the information you want to show up in the directory is changed to ‘everyone’.  Members will be able to search for your business by display name, business name, City, State, or wedding category.  If you need instructions on how to edit your profile be sure to check out the Profile Instructions page.


Do you have questions about our site?  Visit our Q&A page for vendor members to see the answers to our most popular questions.

Wedding Online Social Community (V & VP)

The Center Stage live expo is where our live online community comes together in one location to help you on your journey with building your wedding business.    Live newsfeed from our online members (engaged couples and vendors) who are posting questions, posting ideas, posting products, etc.  You can add members to your friends list for easy access to your favorites. You can also join in on our forums, enter contests and connect with engaged couples and other vendors.  Finally, a place where you can connect with the wedding community in real time. Be sure to check out the Q&A page for vendors for the rules on what you can and cannot post on the live social community.  Our live expo is available 24/7.   See you in the Expo!

Articles Needed For Our Site (V & VP)

Here is a list of ideas you can write your articles about.   Be sure to check back often for an updated list.

-Write an article about your wedding category.  Example:  If you are a florist you can write an article about wedding flowers, etc.

-Engaged couples are looking for wedding vendors in their local area.  You can write an article about your wedding business and how you can offer wedding products, and/or wedding services locally in your area.  Don’t forget to put your city and state in your article so it appears in our search for local vendors.

-Write an article that highlights your wedding business.   What is your wedding business about?  Do you have a local retail shop?  Do you only sell online?, etc.

more coming soon!



Every six weeks, on a Friday and Saturday, we will be holding a live online wedding show.   As a vendor, you must be a Vendor Plus member to view and participate in our live wedding shows.   Click on the link below to read more about what goes on during our live wedding shows.


The wedding debate page is where we discuss a problem that an engaged couple is having during their wedding planning journey and they need the Wedding Expo Online community to come together to help resolve their situation.   All members of our site are welcome to comment on our debate page.


My name is Sandy and I’m an Etsy shop owner, owner of Creating Paper Memories and also a member of Wedding Expo Online.  I want to share with you how I was able to get a small business loan in less than six minutes. I have been using this loan company since 2012 and being an Etsy shop owner I needed a way to get a loan fast. I was approved in less than six minutes and had money in my PayPal account within minutes. Never having to talk to lender on the phone or faxing any paperwork. Kabbage was able to verify my business sales all from the information I filled out on their form. Now whenever I need quick cash I can take out small loans as I need them.


If you don’t have a wedding website, that’s ok!  We can make a landing page for you on our site at no extra cost.   Contact us and we can get your landing page up and running within a few days.  


Our events page displays all upcoming events submitted by our Vendor Plus members.  Submit an event during our wedding show dates and earn extra advertising. Take a look at our events page to see what your event will look like.  


What a great way to get more engaged couples to see your business!
Do you have a wedding product and/or wedding service that you would like to donate to our contests?  We hold a giveaway every six weeks and our the winner is announced during our live online wedding show.  By participating in our giveaways, there will be a link to your Wedding Expo Online profile page for engaged couples to connect with you.   You will also receive extra mentions on our center stage page and other social media sites.   So submit your donation today and be part of our giveaway contest!


Are you an Etsy shop owner that needs a little boost in your sales? Well, I’m here to give you some insight on what might improve your overall numbers on Etsy. Over the past several years Etsy has made some major changes to their website and it’s left some Etsy shop owners with declined sales and their products in the Etsy search almost obsolete. With being an Etsy shop owner myself, I found that the businesses that are in the wedding category just kind of get buried in the 1.98 million shops, and over 50 million products. Etsy’s statistics were updated August 6, 2018.  Wedding Expo Online has also created a platform for you to successfully market your business to direct new customers to your Etsy shop and/or website.  To learn more click on the link below.


To access your profile page you must log in to your account.   Once you are logged in you can go to the profile instructions page to learn how to edit and manage your profile. 


Create a group about your wedding business or join an existing group that meets the criteria for your wedding business.   Other members can join your group, comment on your groups forum posts, or create a topic within the group.  This is a great way for engaged couples to learn about your wedding business and to connect with you.  If you decide to submit a portfolio be sure to create a group about the wedding products and/or wedding services you included in your portfolio.   Once an engaged couple views your portfolio they may want to ask questions and connect with you.


Many of our Engaged Couples members are going through hardships during their wedding planning and they need some help.  GoFundMe campaigns from our Engaged Couples members could be chosen to be displayed on our Center Stage page.   There is also a Pay It Forward Group/Forum so you can let members know you support them.   This is a great group to let members know you donated and/or will offer coupons or discounts for those with a smaller budget for their wedding.