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The Engaged Couples Lounge is full of wedding planning resources and is your planning dashboard that includes easy access to member areas on our site.  Be sure to check back often for updated navigation options to complete your wedding planning experience.

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Did you know?
Most weddings that are planned successfully start with a happy couple?   If you find yourself stressed out and overwhelmed you’ll be missing out on amazing wedding planning ideas, discounts and offers from wedding vendors, and enjoying your wedding planning adventure.  Most of all you’ll miss out on the best moments of building friendships with your fiancé, family and friends.   Your wedding should be the most enjoyable, memorable time of your life.   So, your first step is to sit back and take a deep breath and just remember. . . whatever you plan will be perfect!

What is our Center Stage live expo?

The Center Stage live expo is where our live online community comes together in one location to help you with your wedding planning journey.    Live newsfeed from our online members (engaged couples and vendors) who are posting questions, posting ideas, posting products, etc.  You can add members to your friends list for easy access to your favorites. You can also join in on our forums, enter contests and connect with vendors.  Finally, a place where you can connect with the wedding community in real time.  Our live expo is available 24/7.
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View Portfolios from our vendors

How awesome is this?  Vendors submit their portfolios of their wedding products and/or wedding services and if members of Wedding Expo Online are interested in what that portfolio has to offer they can connect with that vendor directly from the authors portfolio link.  What a fast and easy way to find the products and/or services you are looking for.

How To Leave A Review For A Vendor

Whether you are excited or disappointed about the product and/or service you just received from a vendor, you automatically think about what type of review you want to leave them.  Here are ways you can be sure you are leaving a review that both you and the vendor will be happy with.

What are the most popular questions that members have on this site?

Do you have questions about our site?   Visit our Q&A page for Engaged Couples Members to see the answers to our most popular questions.


Our vendor directory includes a list of all our vendor members.   You can search by business name, city, state, and/or wedding category. 


Our events page displays the upcoming sales and discount events submitted by our Vendor Plus members.   Additional sales and discount events are every 6 weeks during our live wedding shows.  You can search for local or online events or you can search by category. Visit the events page today!


Every 6 weeks, on a Friday and Saturday, we will be holding a live online wedding show.   You must be a member to view the live wedding show.  You won’t want to miss the fashion show and contests!  Our live wedding shows are a two day, fun-filled, packed event.  No need to leave your house or travel to an expo center.  Everything you need to plan your wedding is right here, online, in one location. The live wedding shows will display our participating Vendor Plus Members.  They will be offering sales, discounts and ideas for your wedding.  There will even be a meet and greet so you can get to know the vendors better.   An updated link on Center Stage will be posted when our live wedding show is happening.


You won’t want to miss this amazing giveaway!  We hold giveaway contests every six weeks during our live online wedding show.  There are several ways you can enter and earn extra entry points.  Vendor members from our site will donate wedding products and/or wedding services towards our contests.  As new prizes get added weekly to our contest, the prizes and value will be updated.  So enter today by visiting our center stage page and clicking on the Giveaways and Contests tab!  


The wedding debate page is where we discuss a problem that an engaged couple is having during their wedding planning journey and they need the Wedding Expo Online community to come together to help resolve their situation.   All members of our site are welcome to comment on our debate page.


To access your profile page you must log in to your account.   Once you are logged in you can go to the profile instructions page to learn how to edit and manage your profile.   


Are you going through a hardship during your wedding planning and need some help?  If you currently have a GoFundMe campaign to help with your wedding expenses be sure to add that on your profile so members of Wedding Expo Online can donate to your campaign.   Your GoFundMe campaign might be chosen to be displayed on our Center Stage page under the Pay It Forward tab and shared on our other social media outlets.  If you need help with managing your profile, visit the instruction page here or click the Add Your GoFundMe button below to add your URL.