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Code Of Conduct/Terms Of Service For Our Site

Q. Does Wedding Expo Online Have A Code Of Conduct, Terms of Service, and a privacy policy?

A. Yes.  Our code of conduct is a set of rules outlining responsibilities and proper practices for our members.  We want our site to be fair, fun, and safe for all members and vendors. 

Our Terms of Service can be accessed here.

Our Privacy Policy can be accessed here.

List of our code of conduct rules:

  • Wedding Expo Online has made an online community available to our members for the sole purpose of providing a social network, forum platform, and a way to connect with engaged couples.
  • On our site, the discussions and connections of our members are strictly to include only wedding-related issues.
  • Our members are expected to keep our site a friendly and positive atmosphere.
  • Our site is NOT a place to complain, be negative, or talk bad about other engaged couples or vendors.
  • We have made our online wedding Community available to members for educational and informational purposes related to the wedding industry.
  • Members should exercise both common sense and courtesy in the messages they transmit on our Community and may not use the Community to transmit defamatory, obscene, and otherwise offensive communications.
  • Users may not post or distribute files or other information subject to trademark, copyright, or other proprietary rights, except with the express consent of the owners of the rights.
  • Wedding Expo Online will deny access to the Community to any member who has not agreed to the terms of these rules and reserves the right, in its sole discretion to remove any postings or other content that is not consistent with these rules or otherwise not in the best interest of our site.

Disclaimer: By joining and becoming a member of Wedding Expo Online, you agree that you have read and fully understand these rules.  The owner and administrators of this site retain the right to monitor posted information and remove messages or materials they believe do not comply with the terms of these rules or that is not in the best interest of our site.

If at any time you notice a member that is noncompliant with our rules, please fill out the Member Protection Form and we will resolve the situation as quickly as possible.

Wedding Expo Online is a fun and exciting community and we are so excited to have you as a member.   There are many things waiting for you at our live expo on our Center Stage page.   See you in the Expo!

Rules and Regulations For Participating On Our Center Stage Live Community

Q. As a Vendor, can I post on the Center Stage live stream?

A. Yes.  You can post on our Center Stage live stream.   Check out ‘How To Successfully Market Your Business On Wedding Expo Online‘ for full details.  We want to make sure that all vendors are courteous and fair to other vendors on our live streams.   Your goal is to have engaged couples read through your posts so they will respond and connect with you.   If you are mass posting and/or posting a comment on a members feed that has nothing to do with their question or comment, then most likely that engaged couple will not want to connect with your business and they will think you are a nuisance.  If you are properly marketing your business you will most likely get the sales you need, great reviews, and wonderful referrals.   Mass posting is not tolerated here on Wedding Expo Online.   The goal here at Wedding Expo Online is to create an ongoing business builder for you.  Read through the Code of Conduct at the top of this page for for details.

Q. Can I post a link to my website on the live stream?

A. Yes.  If you type the URL on the live stream or on your wall or in the live feed on Center Stage, the link will automatically show a picture and a description that you included on your business website.   You can also put a link to your articles that you post on our site too.   Just remember to limit your posts to only a few per day so engaged couples don’t get overwhelmed.

Adding My Gallery To This Site

Q. How do I submit my photos and descriptions to my gallery on Wedding Expo Online?

A. While on your profile page click on the gallery tab to create a gallery.  For full detailed instructions click here.   When a member visits your profile page they will be able to see all of your galleries that you have submitted.  What a great way to get more traffic to your website or store!

Q. Where will my gallery show up on Wedding Expo Online?

A. Your galleries will show up on the Wedding Runway page and also under the Gallery tab on your profile.

Q. How many galleries can I submit to Wedding Expo Online?

A. You can submit as many galleries as you would like.  

Q. What types of content can I submit on my gallery?

A. You can submit photos and descriptions of your wedding products and/or services.   You cannot submit explicit or rude material of any kind.   Photos and descriptions must be wedding related.

Q. Where is the gallery submission form located?

A. The form is located on your account page under the ‘Gallery’ tab and then click on ‘Create A Gallery’.

Submitting Photos

Q. Can my photos that I upload be used by Wedding Expo Online?

A. Yes, when you upload a photo to your gallery, submitted articles or profile then Wedding Expo Online will use your uploaded photos throughout our site and our social media outlets to help further your advertising for your wedding business.    Each time your photo is used it will be credited back to you so engaged couples can connect with you.  It’s a great way to get extra advertising from us!

Q. What type of photos can I submit?

A.  Photos must contain only images that exhibit people, products and/or services from your wedding business.  No explicit or rude photos will be permitted.

Connecting With Engaged Couples

Q. How do I connect with Engaged Couples members so they can learn more about my products and/or services?

A. Be sure you read through How To Successfully Market Your Business On Wedding Expo Online for full details on how to create the best relationships with the Engaged Couples Members.   Trying to connect with as many engaged couples in the shortest amount of time is NOT the way you want to display your business.   If you find an Engaged Couple Member that has posted a question about a wedding category that your business falls into, then you can comment on their post or question with a link to your product and/or service.   By submitting articles, galleries, participating in our live online center stage feed, etc.  your wedding business will be noticed.   The best way to connect with an engaged couple is to create your submitted content that is inviting to the reader.  Engaged Couples do not want to be overloaded with messages in their inbox, friend requests, or to see vendors posting on the site under categories that is not relevant to their wedding business.

How To Manage And Edit My Profile

Q. How do I manage and edit my profile?

A. Visit our profile instruction page for full details.

Submitting An Article To Our Site

Q. How do I submit an article?

A. Visit our article submission page for full details.  Check out The Vendors Lounge for articles needed on our site if you need article submission ideas.

Q. After I submit an article where does the article show up on Wedding Expo Online?

A. Your articles will show up on our Articles page.  After you submit your article it takes 1-10 business days for approval of your article.   After you submit 5 articles there is no waiting period.   

Sales and Discount Events

Q. What type of event can I post?

A. Here are some ideas you can do for your event:  A percentage off of an item and/or service,  A local expo you are participating in, A sale at your online or retail shop, A free item with purchase, A discount for booking an appointment, etc.

Q. Which members can submit events?

A.  All Vendor members can submit events at this time.

Q. What will my event look like after I post it?

A. You can view the events page at any time to view your ad to make sure the information shows up correctly.

Q. How many events can I post?

A.  We ask that you limit your events to no more than 3 at one time.

Q. How will engaged couples know about my event?

A. Your event will be listed on our ‘events‘ page.  The events page is available 24/7 on our site.

Q. Does Wedding Expo Online write my events ad for me?

A. No.  Wedding Expo Online does not edit or write your ads, articles or descriptions to your galleries.   It is up to you to makes sure your wording is correct.

Q. How long will my ad be on the events page?

A. Your event will display on our event page until your event date is finished.  We will also advertise your event on other areas of our site and our social media networks. 

Q. I’m a Vendor member, how do I submit an event to show up on the events page?

A. You’ll need to fill out the sales and discount event submission form.

Current Holiday Events

Q. I’m a Vendor member, how can I participate in the current holiday events?

A. Be sure to take advantage of the marketing options on our site.   During our holiday events we encourage all vendor members to participate on our center stage live news feed.   Wedding Expo Online will also be posting and providing links about small business vendor members on facebook, pinterest and Instagram along with providing a link to the ‘Holiday Event’ page.

Vendor Directory

Q. Are all of the vendors on Wedding Expo Online listed in the vendor directory?

A. Yes.  When you sign up and/or update your profile, that information is automatically loaded into our vendor directory so engaged couples can easily search for the vendors they need.

Q. Who can view the vendor directory?

A. Only members of Wedding Expo Online can view the member directory.

Q. Are there options in the vendor directory to help engaged couples find a vendor?

A. Yes.  Engaged couples can search by vendor name, city, state, and/or category.

Q. Will my information still be in the vendor directory if I cancel my vendor membership?

A. No.  If you choose to cancel your membership all of the information you submitted to our site will be taken down.   The information is only visible when you have an active membership.

Q. Where is the vendor directory located?

A. It’s located on the Vendor Directory page.  A link is also listed in the Engaged Couples Lounge and on our Center Stage.

My Membership

Q. Why are vendors charged a monthly membership fee?

A. Wedding Expo Online charges a monthly membership fee to vendors because we are working hard around the clock to make sure the advertising for vendors reaches as many engaged couples as possible. With over one and a half million people getting married each year we want to make sure our website is busy with not only engaged couples but also vendors.  We offer many options to help vendors reach engaged couples that would normally cost them $1000’s per year on other wedding sites.  Here on Wedding Expo Online we keep it affordable and fun!

Q. Since Wedding Expo Online is brand new, is the current pricing for the vendor membership options just an introductory price?

A. No.  We do not plan on raising the membership pricing.    We understand how important it is for you to connect with engaged couples and grow your business, so keeping our site affordable is our main goal.  The owner of Wedding Expo Online has been a wedding vendor for over 15 years and wants you to have a platform that you can feel comfortable with your membership pricing fee, knowing your monthly membership fee is well worth the cost.

Q. What if I need to go on vacation and put my membership on pause, do you have an option for that?

A.  Currently right now we do not.   You can go to your profile page and write a message in the ‘Announcements’ section.  You can find that under Profile-Edit- I’m A Vendor-Announcements.

Q. Can I cancel my membership at any time?

A. Yes.  You can cancel at any time.  If you cancel your membership all material you have submitted will be removed from our site.  Your submitted information is only available when you have an active membership.   If you cancel your membership and are a monthy member your membership will end at the end of the current paid month.   If you cnacel your membership and are a yearly member your memberhsip will cancel at the end of the paid year. 

Joining and/or Creating A Group

Q. Can I join any group on this site?

A. Yes.  All of the groups created by Wedding Expo Online are open to anyone who would like to join.   We ask that other vendors do not join another vendors group unless you are invited.   Vendors create groups for engaged couples to learn more about their business.

Q. Can I create a group?

A. Yes, you can create a group for members to join.   We ask that wedding vendors do not set their groups to private.   When creating a group you need to abide by the rules and regulations of this site.   Creating a group about your business is a great way to connect with the engaged couples of our site.   Note:  Be sure to join the groups that are already created by Wedding Expo Online.   Here are some groups we created that you should join: (Make sure the group admin says Wedding Expo Online)
1. Wedding Expo Online group
2. Your state group (Go to the groups page and enter in the search bar the state that your business is located)
3. Your business category group (Go to the groups page and enter in the search bar the category you would like to join.  If you sell wedding cakes do not join the photography group.   Only join the groups that pertain to your wedding business.)

Wedding Expo Online Runway

Q. What is the Wedding Expo Online Runway?

A. Our Runway features vendors from our site.  The vendors get to choose what wedding products, ideas, and/or services that they would like to highlight.   The Runway will be in a gallery format and includes photos or videos.   Engaged couples also can submit galleries to the runway to showcase their wedding planning.

Q. Where can I view the Runway?

A. The Runway can be viewed by visiting the Wedding Expo Online Runway page.

Q. Who can participate in the Runway?

A. All Vendor  and Engaged Couples members can participate.  If you are a Vendor member and would like to participate on our Runway please read the gallery submission page for details.

Wedding Expo Online Magazine

Q. How can I get my business to appear in Wedding Expo Online's quarterly magazine?

A. Coming soon in 2021!  So reserve your spot soon! To appear in our magazine you will need to be a Vendor Plus Yearly Member.   All Vendor Plus Yearly members receive a third page ad that is included with their membership.   Upgrade options for quarter page, half page, and full-page ads are available by filling out the wedding ads submission form.  If you are not yet a member, register today.  If you are already a vendor member that is on a monthly subscription plan but would like to upgrade to the yearly plan visit your account page and click on ‘membership’ and then click on ‘subscriptions’ and you’ll see an upgrade link.


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