Here you will find terms of service, rules/regulations and questions/answers, just for engaged couples, to help you navigate through our site.  We are here to help you in your wedding planning experience.

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Code Of Conduct For Our Site

Q. Does Wedding Expo Online Have A Code Of Conduct and Terms of Service?
A. Yes.  Our code of conduct is a set of rules outlining responsibilities and proper practices for our members.  We want our site to be fair, fun and safe to all members and vendors.  Our Terms of Service can be accessed here.

List of our rules:

  • Wedding Expo Online has made an online community available to our members for the sole purpose of providing a social network, forum platform, and a way to connect with wedding professionals.
  • On our site, the discussions and connections of our members are strictly to include only wedding related issues.
  • Our members are expected to keep our site a friendly and positive atmosphere.
  • Our site is NOT a place to complain, be negative, or talk bad about other engaged couples or vendors.
  • We have made our online wedding Community available to members for educational and informational purposes related to the wedding industry.
  • Members should exercise both common sense and courtesy in the messages they transmit on our Community and may not use the Community to transmit defamatory, obscene, and otherwise offensive communications.
  • Users may not post or distribute files or other information subject to trademark, copyright, or other proprietary rights, except with the express consent of the owners of the rights.
  • Wedding Expo Online will deny access to the Community to any member who has not agreed to the terms of these rules and reserves the right, in its sole discretion to remove any postings or other content that is not consistent with these rules or otherwise not in the best interest of our site.

Disclaimer: By joining and becoming a member of Wedding Expo Online, you agree that you have read and fully understand these rules.  The owner and administrators of this site retain the right to monitor posted information and remove messages or materials they believe do not comply with the terms of these rules or that are not in the best interest of our site.

If at anytime you notice a member that is in noncompliance with our rules please fill out the Member Protection Form and we will resolve the situation as soon as possible.

Wedding Expo Online is a fun and exciting community and we are so excited to have you as a member.   There are many things waiting for you at our live expo on the Center Stage page.   See you in the Expo!

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Rules And Regulations For Participating On Our Center Stage Live Community

Q. As a member of this site can I post of the Center Stage live stream?
A. Yes.  You can post on our Center Stage live stream.   We want to make sure all members are courteous and fair to other members on our live streams.  Mass posting is not tolerated here on Wedding Expo Online.   The live stream is available for the sole purpose of asking wedding related questions so our wedding professional vendors can answer them.  You can comment on articles, portfolios, activity streams, etc.  Be sure to read through the Code of Conduct at the top of this page for full details of what is accepted on our community.

Q. How many vendors can I add to my friends list?
A. You can add as many vendors as you would like.  Once you initiate a friend request you will need to wait for that vendor to accept your request.  When you add members to your friends list, anything that they post will appear on your wall and your posts will show up on their wall .   Your wall is located on your account page.

Q. Can I add other engaged couples to my friends list?
A. Yes.   A lot of engaged couples get wedding ideas and referrals from other engaged couples.

Q. What if I see another member on this site not abiding by the rules?
A. Our goal is to create a safe and honest environment for all members.  If you notice a member that is in noncompliance with the rules please fill out the Member Protection Form and we will resolve the situation a quick as possible.


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Now That You Are Engaged, Start Here!

Q. I just got engaged, what do I do now?
A. You’ll want to fully read the Engaged Couples Lounge page.   There you will find wedding planning resources that we offer on our site to help you fully plan your wedding.   One of the first things you’ll want to do is download our free wedding planning guide which will have a check list of all the things you need for your wedding.

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How To Manage And Edit My Profile

Q. How do I manage and edit my profile?
A. Visit our profile instruction page for full details.

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Vendor Directory

Q. Does Wedding Expo Online have a vendor directory so I can easily search for vendors?
A. Yes.  Visit our Vendor Directory page for a full list of our active vendor members.

Q. Who can view the vendor directory?
A. Only members of Wedding Expo Online can view the member directory.

Q. What options are available when searching for vendors?
A. You can search by vendor name, city, state, and/or wedding category.

Q. Does Wedding Expo Online advertise affiliate programs from vendors that are not listed in the vendor directory?
A. Yes, Wedding Expo Online does advertise affiliate programs from wedding vendors that accepts our site as a venue to promote their products and links.  The affiliate vendors will have a disclaimer at the bottom of the their portfolio, event, posts, etc. disclosing that Wedding Expo Online will make a commission from the sales that are generate from our site from the links they provide.  Having affiliate marketing on our site brings you, the engaged couple, more options to great wedding products and prices.

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Finding A Wedding Vendor In My Local Area

Q. Some of my items for my wedding are going to need to be purchased locally.  How do I find vendors in my local area?
A. Visit the ‘Vendor Directory’ page and fill out the city or state options to show a list of local vendors in your area.  Example:  You are needing a local florist in your area so you’ll choose category search and type florist.  You can also go to our forums and search for the state you live in.  Your search will provide the forum(s) groups and topics from your state.   Local vendors from your state will post in the local forums.

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Purchasing A Product Or Service From A Vendor On This Site

Q. If I see a product or service on this site, from a vendor, how do I purchase from them?
A. All sales and transactions are made directly through the vendor on their website or physical retail store.  Wedding Expo Online is not responsible for any transactions made between you or any vendor on our site.  Our site is for informational purposes only.  We are here to help you connect with wedding vendors.  You can connect with any vendor by going to their profile page to see their contact information.  If a vendor has a website listed on their articles, portfolios, profiles and/or social community posts you can click on that directly and it will take you to their website.  You can also email, call or message that vendor depending on what contact information they have provided on their profile page.

Q. I really love the customer service from a vendor on this site, can I leave a review or rating?
A. Yes. If you would like to leave a review/rating for a vendor you can go their profile page and below their name will be a button labeled ‘Add Reviews’.

Q. What if I don’t like a product and/or service from a wedding vendor on this site?  Can I leave them a bad review?
A.  Before leaving a review be sure to read our article ‘How to leave a review for a vendor’.   It goes into full detail on what makes a good review and how to avoid posting a bad review.

Q. What if I purchased a product or service from a vendor and need to return it?
A. You will need to contact that vendor directly and work with them to resolve your issue.   Wedding Expo Online is not responsible for any transactions made between you or any vendor on our site.  Each vendor should have a return policy listed either in their profile or on their business website.

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Posting On The Forums

Q. Can I start a group or topic on the forums?
A. Yes.  You can create a group, start a topic, and/or comment on other members forums.  All forum posts and comments must be wedding related.

Q. Where is the forum page located?
A. Our forums are listed on our Forums page.

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Privacy Policy

Q. Does Wedding Expo Online have a privacy policy?
A. Yes.  You can review our privacy policy here.

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