We are excited to announce that Vendor Members on Wedding Expo Online can now submit their portfolios of their wedding products and/or wedding services.   What a great way for you to see the new and exciting wedding products available in the wedding industry.

Portfolios are a very important feature we have on our site to help both engaged couples and vendors.   Engaged couples can browse through wedding products, wedding ideas, and/or wedding services to help with their wedding planning.   Vendors have a way to express, showcase, and/or feature their products and/or services so engaged couples know exactly what that vendor is selling.  Note: Be sure to read the Q&A page for engaged couples so you are familiar with our policies when wanting to purchase an item from our vendors.

Each photo by a Vendor Member will have a detailed description about their photo and/or product.  To view the full portfolio from a particular vendor, all you have to do is click on a portfolio and then at the bottom of the description of the photo, click on the vendors name.

Start browsing the portfolios today and let us know what type of products you like by heading over to the forums (after browsing the portfolios) and searching for the vendor groups that describe the products you are looking for.   If you are looking for a specific product you can either do a search or post on our live community news feed on our center stage page.

To view all submitted portfolios click here.