Successfuly Market Your Business On Our Site

There are several ways to market/advertise your business here on our site and most of them are included with the basic vendor monthly membership.  To have access to all advertising options you must be a Vendor Plus member.  When it comes to connecting with qualified engaged couples and building your business, we are here with you every step of the way!

Below is a checklist of things you can do to accomplish your successful marketing campaign on Wedding Expo Online.
Be sure to check out our Q&A page for vendors for important questions and answers.

Click on a task below to take you to that description or you can scroll down the page to find each one.


The most important detail when marketing your business here on our site is to really understand marketing etiquette.  What do we mean by marketing etiquette?  When displaying your business, whether in the live streams, in a portfolio, or even in your submitted article, you want to make sure you are not over populating your business name just because you are eager to get a sale.  Be sure to space out your submissions so that it’s not overwhelming for the engaged couple.

Here is an example of what would be successful:
1. Post on your wall about your business and/or service only a few times a day.  You can either post on your wall that is on your account page, or on the center stage page.  Posting more than that won’t allow engaged couples enough time to read and process what you have posted earlier.
2. Be sure you are only commented on posts that reflect your wedding business products, and/or services.
3. Do not comment on other vendors posts unless you are helping them with information for the engaged couple.  Other vendors posts are not a place for you to advertise.
4. You can comment on engaged couples posts only if it is pertains to that post.   If the engaged couple posts about catering and you are a florist then you wouldn’t comment on that post.   Commenting on posts that does not reflect your wedding business is prohibited on our site.  You can learn more on the Q&A page for vendors.
5. Even though you can add engaged couples to your friends list, you do not want to just go crazy by friending all of the engaged couples on our site.   Allow the engaged couples to add you to THEIR friends list.   If engaged couples are receiving hundreds of friend requests a day they might look at your business as being overwhelming.  The best way to get engaged couples to request a friendship is to fulfill all the marketing we have to offer you on our site.   That way engaged couples can learn about your wedding business by viewing your content instead of just seeing a friend request from you without even knowing what type of business you are.
6. Post content on our site that is inviting and keeps the viewers attention.   If an engaged couple likes your business they will want to add you to their friends list.

When engaged couples are planning their wedding they want to know the vendor they will be choosing isn’t desperate for their business, but rather knowing the vendor will be investing in the time it will take to complete their wedding planning expectations.   Have you ever looked at a post on social media that is from a wedding site and then in the comment sections all you see is vendors listing their businesses?   Those vendors are desperate for business.   If Jessica the bride is looking for a cake and posts a question about cakes she is not wanting to see 1000’s of comments about jewelry or invitations.   Not only does it make your business look bad but it’s not the proper etiquette for marketing your business.

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Your profile page is where engaged couples will learn all about your wedding business, and/or service.    Be sure to keep it up to date so you don’t lose that very important connection.    Check out our profile instructions page for full details.

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Do you want to submit an article about your wedding business?  Now you can!  Share your wedding business with engaged couples on our site.   Do you have a certain product, or service that you want to write an article about?   Do you want to write about a certain topic that engaged couples are looking for?   This is a great way to increase your advertising on our site and to connect with engaged couples.  Members can comment on your posts, they can click on your user name on the post that will take them directly to your author library page that displays all of the articles and portfolios you have submitted to the site, and they can share your post on other social media sites.   Submitting articles to our site is included with your monthly membership.  Be sure to check out the ‘articles needed’ section in our vendors lounge to help you with ideas of what to write. Check out our articles submission page for full details.

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You can display a portfolio with photos and descriptions that will showcase your wedding business.   There are two ways you can submit a portfolio.  First, you can go to the add your portfolio page or you can go to your account and click on the portfolio tab.  Vendors are limited to 2-3 portfolios a month.   Check out the Q&A page for vendors for full details about how to submit your portfolio, what content you can submit, and how engaged couples can connect with you after viewing your portfolio.   

Portfolios can viewed here.

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Our live forums are a great way to connect with engaged couples.   There are rules for our forums, so check out the Q&A page for vendors for full details on what you can and cannot post on the forums.   If you sell your wedding products and/or wedding service locally, you’ll want to join your state forum/group.  Example:  Your wedding business is in Atlanta, Georgia so you’ll want to join the forum group called ‘Georgia Vendors’.  You will also want to join a wedding category forum.  Example:  You are a photographer so you would join the forum group called ‘Photography’.   Join the forums today to comment on posts, create groups/topics, or click on your favorites to save for later.   Engaged couples are waiting to connect with you!   Check out the forums page to join us.  

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The Center Stage live expo is where our live online community comes together in one location to help you on your journey with building your wedding business.    Live newsfeed from our online members (engaged couples and vendors) who are posting questions, posting ideas, posting products, etc.  You can add members to your friends list for easy access to your favorites. You can also join in on our forums, enter contests and connect with engaged couples, and other vendors.  Finally, a place where you can connect with the wedding community in real time. Be sure to check out the Q&A page for vendors for the rules on what you can and cannot post on the live social community.   See you in the Expo!

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What a great way to get more engaged couples to see your business!

Do you have a wedding product and/or wedding service that you would like to donate to our contests?  We hold a giveaway contest every six weeks and the winner is announced during our live online wedding show.   By participating in our giveaways there will be link to your Wedding Expo Online profile page for engaged couples to connect with you.

Here are the rules and guidelines for participating in our giveaway contests:

  1. Only vendors of Wedding Expo Online can participate in the giveaway contests.
  2. You must fill out the giveaway form for each giveaway you want to participate in.   Dates are available on the form.
  3. By submitting the form you are indicating agreement bound by these terms and conditions.
  4. By submitting your form and participating in our giveaway contest you will receive extra advertising from us.  A link to your profile page, extra mentions on our center stage page and other social media outlets.
  5. Engaged couples that choose to participate and enter our giveaway contests will be sharing the giveaway contest to earn extra entries.   This will include sharing on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and an individualized link.
  6. If there are more than 10 vendors participating in a giveaway contest, we will group prizes into packages and there will be one winner per package.  There will only be one winner for your prize that is donated.
  7. Once you submit your form you agree that the prize you are donating will be awarded to the winner.
  8. After we notify the winner they will receive an email on how to redeem their prize(s).   The instructions that you give on your form will be given to the winner to contact you to redeem their prize.
  9. Prize donated must be a product and/or service from your wedding business.
  10. To view the current giveaway contest and to read the rules that apply to engaged couples that enter please click here.
  11. Our terms and conditions and code of conduct also applies to our giveaway contests.

We are excited for you participate in our giveaway contests!  The giveaway contest vendor submission for is located here.


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1. Your wedding business will be featured on the meet and greet area of our site for engaged couples to connect with you. (Keep your profile up to date so all of your information is correct when members view your wedding business in the meet and greet area.)
2. Hold a sales/discount event and be featured on our Events page.  (The discount and sales event form and instructions is located here).
  The events page is always accessible to anyone that views our site.   It’s a great way to create a sense of urgency for engaged couples to purchase your products.  Sales and discount events submissions are only offered to our Vendor members.  Read our article for more information on why you should offer sales and discounts.
3. Submit a video or photo slideshow to be displayed on our Wedding Show Runway.  This option is for all wedding categories.   Videos and slideshows will be displayed in a slideshow effect with thumbnail photos of your video for easy access.  (The video submission form and instructions is located here).

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