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How to fill out the discounts and sales events form:
Form located at the bottom of page.
Check out our events page to see what your events ad layout will look like.
Reminder:  Our events page will be visible to all visitors to our site.

  1. Event Organizers Name: Enter your events organizers name.
  2. Title Of Event: Enter the title of your event.
  3. Event Description: Enter the description of your sale or discount event.  Be sure to include any websites or other links that will take the engaged couple to your wedding products and/or wedding service.
  4. Business Category: Choose your business category from the dropdown menu.
  5. Event Start Date/Time and End Date/Time:  You can enter both date and time or just the dates of your sales event.  Be sure to mark if it’s an all day event.   Some vendors will only have an event in the evenings.  You will have a better chance at getting sales if you hold an all day event.
  6. Time Zone Of Event:   Choose the time zone that your event.    If it’s an online sales event you’ll want to choose Pacific Standard Time so that way you’ll get the longest hours of your event.
  7. Location/Address Of Event:   If you have a physical location of your event you’ll include the full address, City, State, and Zip Code.  Listing a phone number is optional.   A phone number is good to list if you are taking appointments for your event.   If you are having an online only event then you’ll leave the address portion blank and then click ‘YES’ on the My Event Is Online Only section of the form.
  8. Event Website/URL:   This is the website of your business or event.  When a member clicks on the link it will take them directly to your website.
  9. Event Image URL:  This is where you’ll put the image URL you want to use.   Below is directions on how you can find the URL to your image:
  1. Go to the webpage the image is on.
  2. Make sure you click on the image to ensure it is not a link.
  3. For PC’s, right-click, and for Macs, hold down the control (Ctrl) and click on the image itself.
  4. A menu of options should appear (see below).

Getting the Image URL depends on your web browser:

  • In Google Chrome, select “Copy Image URL”.
  • In Safari, select “Copy Image Address”.
  • In Internet Explorer, select “Properties.” Then, copy the address under “Address (URL)”.
  • In Mozilla Firefox, select “Copy Image Location.”

Once you have copied the image URL, you can paste the link and upload to Wedding Expo Online on the form. Make sure that your image URL begins with “http://” or “https://” If you want to make sure you have the correct image URL (and not the webpage URL), paste it into the URL bar at the top of your browser. Press “Enter” to see if you receive just the image itself.

Please Note: You must submit a new form for each event you are holding.  Forms must be submitted at least two weeks before your event.  Rules do apply to anything submitted to our site so be sure to check out the Q&A page for vendors for full compliance details.

Thank you for helping us fill up the Expo! Be sure to visit the links under the ‘HOME’ tab at the top of the page to help you navigate through our site. If you need help or have questions, you can find us on the Center Stage page or on the forums. Congrats to our Engaged Couples members on your engagement and to our new Vendor members. We are so excited to have you here in the Expo!

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