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Most weddings that are planned successfully start with a happy couple?   If you find yourself stressed out and overwhelmed you’ll be missing out on amazing wedding planning ideas, discounts and offers from wedding vendors, and enjoying your wedding planning adventure.  Most of all you’ll miss out on the best moments of building friendships with your fiancé, family and friends.   Your wedding should be the most enjoyable, memorable time of your life.   So, your first step is to sit back and take a deep breath and just remember. . . whatever you plan will be perfect!

The Key to working with a vendor and being a happy customer is knowing the vendors policies and procedures.   If you know those ahead of time be sure to put that information in your wedding planning notes.  It will make communicating and expectations from your vendor a lot easier.

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Most vendors work with around 25-200 brides at one time so be sure to plan with enough time so that your wedding planning goes as scheduled.  Vendors also can take 24-72 hours to respond back to messages and emails.  Each vendor will have their own policies so make sure you take good notes. With the wedding industry growing and more couples getting married each year, most online vendors  choose to communicate directly through messaging and email. This way it’s much faster to get your response you are needing.  Once you connect with a vendor you can communicate with them according to their policies and procedures.    Be sure to have all of your questions written down before contacting the vendor so it is possible for them to achieve your expectations.

Vendors are part of our online community so be sure to ask questions in our forums, by commenting on vendors articles, or adding them to your friends list so you can ask your questions directly on their news feed.

Other wedding websites only list vendors by their local region. Here on our site vendors do not have a geographical area.  That means you have more options available when it comes to finding and choosing the right vendor.

Your family and friends are coming to your wedding to see YOU, they are not coming to your wedding to see if your table décor is perfect or if your bridesmaids dresses match.  Now is the time to make your wedding planning exciting and stress free.  Wedding Expo Online has ideas on how to not overload yourself, not get over stressed, and to not worry about your big day.  This is one of the happiest days of your life and vendors are waiting for you to connect with them so they can take a lot of the stress off of your wedding planning.

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