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How awesome is this?  Vendors and Engaged Couples submit their photos and/or videos of their wedding products and/or wedding services.  What a fast and easy way to find the products and/or services, or wedding ideas that you are looking for.

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Articles here on Wedding Expo Online are submitted by vendors.   Who knows the wedding industry the best? Vendors!   With their hands on experiences, knowledge of the wedding industry, the articles on our site are going to be helpful to you when it comes to planning your wedding.

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Here you will find links to local wedding and bridal shows in your area.   Some wedding shows have giveaways and special pricing if you register or purchase your tickets early!

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There are Wedding Expo Online members that are going through hardships during their wedding planning journey and need some help.   Throughout the year we will be listing links below to their stories.  We ask that if you can even donate $5 – $10 that it might just make these couples dream wedding come true, while they are going through their hardship.

Giveaways and Contests!

You won’t want to miss our amazing giveaways and contests.  We hold giveaways and contests throughout the year and there are several ways you can enter.  Vendor members from our site will donate wedding products and/or wedding services that will be listed in our giveaways and contests.  To participate in our giveaways and contests you must be a member of Wedding Expo Online.   If you are not currently a member, be sure to register today!   Once our giveaways and contests are active, the link above will be activated.   Good luck!   You could be the lucky winner!

Popular Wedding Dates for 2021

Next year has repeating numbers, so why not get married on a repeating date (month and day are the same numbers)?  We made it easy for you . . . here are all of the repeating dates that happen during 2021:

Most popular is the date that matches the theme: ‘Countdown To Our Wedding’ -4,3,2,1…. 4/3/21….04/03/2021  April 3, 2021

Tuesday, February 2nd (02/02/2021
Sunday, April 4th (04/04/2021)
Sunday, June 6th (06/06/2021)
Sunday, August 8th (08/08/2021)
Sunday, October 10th (10/10/2021)
Sunday, December 12th (12/12/2021)

Popular Wedding Holidays for 2021:
New Year’s Day: Friday, January 1, 2021
Valentine’s Day: 14th of February
Leap Year: 29th of February
Summer Solstice: 21st of June
Independence Day: 4th of July
Halloween: Sunday, October 31, 2021
New Year’s Eve: 31st of December


Online Magazine

Our online quarterly magazine will be coming soon!  Vendors are busy working on their content, sales and articles.   Check out our first COMING SOON!  Cover above is for sample only, check back for the big reveal!

Take A Break!

Need a break?  Weddings can definitely get overwhelming.  That is why Wedding Expo Online has made it easy for you to take a break. Get some grub by receiving discounts or even by receiving a freebie!  We have listed all of your favorite go to food spots!

Wedding Expo Online Video Series

Coming Soon we will launch our video series of Wedding Expo Online.  Each video will include wedding tips, wedding ideas, newest wedding trends, wedding businesses and services that you’ll want to include in your wedding planning journey.  We will also be having weekly contests for FREE stuff!  Link will be activated in January!

DIY Weddings!

Are you planning on doing all or part of your wedding yourself?  We have found our favorites around the web that you’ll definitley want to include in your DIY planning.

Build Your FREE Wedding Website!

We have found our favorite around the web that offers a FREE wedding website along with online RSVP’s and photo album.  Hundreds of design combinations to choose from.  Joy is going to be one of your favorites!  Build your website today!

Wedding Colors!

If you are needing help with choosing colors for dresses, decor, etc. you’ll deflinitely want to check out our wedding colors page!  We have found one of our favorite sites around the web that you’ll fall in love with!

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