Are you an Etsy shop owner that needs a little boost in your sales? Well, I’m here to give you some insight on what might improve your overall numbers on Etsy and what has worked for me. I have been an Etsy shop owner since 2011 and over the past several years Etsy has made some major changes to their website that have left some Etsy shop owners with declined sales and/or their products in the Etsy search almost obsolete. Being an Etsy shop owner myself, I found that the businesses that are in the wedding category just kind of get buried in the 1.98 million shops, and the over 50 million products that are listed on Etsy. These are Etsy’s statistics from August 6, 2018.

This is why I started Wedding Expo Online.   To read my full story, click here.

Now that Etsy has grown to a record number of Etsy shops, it’s time for Etsy shop owners to find new ways to get customers to their shops.  I am going to help you learn some of the tips I use to keep my Etsy store booming with sales. I want to help you achieve your sales goals and see your store booming with sales too.   For credibility and proof, you can visit my Etsy store to see my sales and feedback creatingapapermemory

If Etsy has been your main source of income and your sales are declining I DO NOT recommend that you close your shop. What I do recommend is that you take advantage of ways to market your Etsy shop outside of Etsy.   You, as an Etsy store owner, can only get so much advertising from within Etsy itself.  You need to venture outside of Etsy to get more people to your online store and it’s really simple.  Ranking higher in google means getting your store name and store products in front of as many online viewers as possible without spending a fortune to do it.  I rank in the top 1% of all Etsy sellers.

Check out my Etsy store ranking here.

Did you know the more your Etsy shop name and/or product links that show up around the internet that you will rank higher in Etsy’s and Google’s search results?   You don’t have to offer free shipping or spend $100’s on advertising to do it.   Here is what I do to make my Etsy store successful . . .

Etsy does have the platform that you need to run a successful shop and I suggest that you take advantage of their tools to make sure you are giving your shop the most available visibility. Wedding Expo Online has also created a platform for you to successfully market your business to direct new customers to your Etsy shop and/or website outside of Etsy.  When you get done reading this article you will want to check out the ‘How to successfully market your business on Wedding Expo Online’ article.

One of the things I chose to do was to open a Pattern website offered through Etsy.  The Pattern website costs about $14.00 a month and because it is a stand-alone website I rank higher in Google searches.  So now I’m getting search results within Etsy and also in the Google search engines.  Google gets more info from your stand-alone website than from just your Etsy shop alone.  Every change I make in my Etsy store also gets changed immediately on my Pattern website. You can look here at my Etsy shop and here at my website to see how the two work together. Etsy takes all of my information from my Etsy shop and puts it on my website for me. I don’t have to do anything as far as layout, updating, etc on my Pattern website.  Anytime I change or update information on my Etsy page it automatically gets changed on my Pattern website. Such as: add products, update my about me page, update photos, updated descriptions, etc.

I also found out that since I started writing articles on Wedding Expo Online and sharing the articles on my social media sites that I also receive more views to my Etsy shop.  Other viewers that read my articles can share the articles as well. (If you choose to join Wedding Expo Online engaged couples and other vendors will share your articles on their social media sites too.  Wedding Expo Online will automatically share your articles when you post them to our site.)  So, what Etsy shop owners need to realize is that they can’t rely on just Etsy alone to bring them views and sales.   You have to use other tools available to get your website, Etsy store name, etc. out there on the internet.

Other perks for joining Wedding Expo Online:
1. A place where you can write your articles/blogs and viewers can share them on social media sites.
2. Join forums where Etsy isn’t monitoring.  You’ll be able to brainstorm with other Etsy sellers to make your Etsy store the best it can be.
3. Post on our Center Stage page live and connect with engaged couples and other vendors.  You’ll be able to share your products and wedding business directly with other members.
4. Etc.   You can learn more on the Vendors Lounge Page.

Adding sales and coupons to your Etsy listings:  I always run a sale.  Normally it’s a 10% sale that runs all of the time and during the holidays I will run a 20% sale.   When you get the emails that Etsy sends out that mention sales to run for the upcoming holiday make sure you take advantage of that.   They will let you know which days the sale will run.  Normally Etsy will run a lot of ads for major holidays during the year throughout the internet.

Shipping: I tried Etsy’s free shipping with $35 or more and it really hurt my sales for the weeks I was doing it.   Customers that come to Etsy already expect to pay to ship.   If you list your products so that it’s easy for the customer to understand, they understand what they are getting, and if you have great customer service you won’t need free shipping.  I pick and choose which items I can offer with free shipping if I choose to offer it.

After a customer buys an item from me on Etsy I always message them to thank them for the purchase and to let them know when I will be either emailing them a proof or shipping their item.   I always congratulate them on their wedding too.  Certain little things you do in your Etsy shop will give you the constant 5-star reviews.   I’ve maintained five-star reviews constantly in my Etsy store and about 10% of my sales are from repeat customers.

Do you have a product that can be used for a wedding?  With more options and ideas available to brides each year, basically any product can be considered a wedding item or gift.   Do you offer jewelry, stationery, supplies, décor, gifts, clothing, etc.?  When you add the word wedding to your title you now have a wedding product, whether they can use it at the wedding or maybe as a gift.  The wedding industry is booming with more and more people getting married each year.   You can boost your sales and views on your Etsy store by becoming a vendor member on Wedding Expo Online by utilizing the marketing options we have available.  I started this website to help other store owners in the wedding industry to reach their potential by offering another tool necessary to achieve their sales goals.  If you don’t think your products are for weddings just message me and I can give you some ideas to boost your item description and offer suggestions to you as to how your product can be considered a wedding product.

As more engaged couples become members of Wedding Expo Online you’ll be able to connect directly with them. As a Vendor member of Wedding Expo Online you can write articles about your business and/or products, submit portfolios of your products, be part of our live online expo on Center Stage and be a part of our online Groups, etc. You’ll be able to complete your profile page with all of the information the engaged couples will need to learn about your wedding business.  Wedding Expo Online will help share your articles, your portfolio, your links to your Etsy store, etc. so that you can experience more views and sales.

Here are the steps I suggest you take today to start seeing an increase in traffic to your Etsy shop:

  • The most successful stores on Etsy have over 400 products in their Etsy shop. For example: I have many themes I offer in my store. One of the products that I offer is favor tags, so I made a listing for each theme.  If you have 25 themes or colors and 20 products for each theme or color, your shop will start to fill up pretty fast.
  • Make sure your pictures look spectacular, cute, and inviting.
  • The title of your items should have several keywords in it so your product will show up better in the search results on Etsy and Google.
  • Get a Pattern website from Etsy if you don’t already have a stand-alone website with your products.  Since Etsy made this tool so easy to use and created a way for me to get more Google views, I highly recommend it.
  • The one thing I quit doing was paying for promoted listings.   I used to pay over $3500 a year for promoted listings and found out that those promoted listing were for the Etsy search only.  Once I stopped using the promoted listings, opened a Pattern website through Etsy, and started writing articles my sales increased even more.
  • The busy wedding season starts in January so be sure to start your marketing campaign early so you’ll be ready for the wedding busy season.  Most successful wedding vendors will start planning for the new year in August or September.  So, take advantage now of the many marketing options for your business that Wedding Expo Online has to offer.
  • Become a member of Wedding Expo Online.  Wedding Expo Online will help share your articles, links, etc. so more brides and engaged couples can visit your online store.
  • Write articles on our site, submit a gallery, create groups, be active on our Center Stage community page, etc. The membership Wedding Expo Online offers is very affordable and will give you the tools you need to connect with engaged couples.  Be sure to include your Etsy shop URL when you submit content to our site.  The articles you write can be shared by others on Pinterest too!   Pinterest is a great way to attract more people to your Etsy store.
  • Check the Vendors Lounge for full details on how Wedding Expo Online can help you with your marketing campaign and also connect you with engaged couples.
  • Don’t forget to also open a Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram account.  Those are some of the most popular places engaged couples go to find products/vendors for their wedding.
  • Those that join Wedding Expo Online and pay the annual discounted price will be included in the Wedding Expo Online quarterly magazine!

Please contact me anytime if you have questions or need help boosting your Etsy store.   I’m excited to see you on Wedding Expo Online!

Sandy Newcomb
Owner of Creating Paper Memories (Etsy store name: creatingapapermemory)  and Wedding Expo Online