Are you an Etsy shop owner that needs a little boost in your sales? Well, I’m here to give you some insight on what might improve your overall numbers on Etsy. Over the past several years Etsy has made some major changes to their website and it’s left some Etsy shop owners with declined sales and their products in the Etsy search almost obsolete. With being an Etsy shop owner myself, I found that the businesses that are in the wedding category just kind of get buried in the 1.98 million shops, and over 50 million products. Etsy’s statistics were updated August 6, 2018.

Now that Etsy has grown to a record number of Etsy shops, it’s time for Etsy shop owners to find new ways to get customers to their shops. Especially if you sell wedding products. If Etsy has been your main source of income and your sales are declining I DO NOT recommend that you close your shop. I do recommend that you take advantage of ways to market your Etsy shop outside of Etsy.

Etsy has the platform that you need to run a successful shop. I suggest that you take advantage of their tools to make sure you are giving your shop the most available visibility. Wedding Expo Online has also created a platform for you to successfully market your business to direct new customers to your Etsy shop and/or website.

One of the things I chose to do was to open a Pattern website through Etsy. Every change I make on Etsy gets changed on my website. You can look here at my Etsy shop and here at my website to see how the two work together. Etsy took all of my information from my Etsy shop and put it on my website for me. I didn’t have to do anything as far as layout, updating, etc on my website. Anytime I change or update information on my Etsy page it automatically gets changed on my Pattern website. Such as: add products, update my about me page, update photos, updated descriptions, etc.

As more engaged couples become members of Wedding Expo Online you’ll be able to connect directly with them. As a Vendor member of Wedding Expo Online you can write articles about your business and/or products, submit portfolios of your products, be part of our live online expo on Center Stage and be a part of our online Groups, etc. If you become a Vendor Plus member you can also participate in our live wedding shows which we hold every six weeks. You’ll be able to complete your profile page with all the information the engaged couples will need to learn about your wedding business.

Here are the steps I suggest you take today to start seeing an increase in traffic to your Etsy shop:

  • The most successful stores on Etsy have over 400 products in their Etsy shop. For example: I have many themes I offer in my store. One of the products that I offer is favor tags, so I made a listing for each theme. If you have 25 themes and 20 products for each theme, your shop will start to fill up pretty fast.
  • Make sure your pictures look spectacular.
  • The title of your items should have several key words in it so you product will show up better in the search results.
  • Take advantage in the promoted listings. I started off with $1.00 a day and then worked my way up to $10-$15 dollars a day. Without promoted listings you’ll definitely get buried in the pages.
  • The busy wedding season starts in January so be sure to start your marketing campaign early so you’ll be ready for the wedding busy season.
  • Become a member of Wedding Expo Online.
  • Write articles on our site, submit portfolios, create Groups, be active on our Center Stage, etc. The memberships we offer are very affordable and will give you the tools you need to connect with engaged couples.  Be sure to include your Etsy shop URL when you submit content to our site.
  • Check the Vendors Lounge for a full details on how Wedding Expo Online can help you with your marketing campaign and also connect you with engaged couples.
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