How would you like to receive a discount and/or free item from your next wedding vendor? I’ve worked with over 35,000 brides over the past 14 years and have offered many discounts and free items with purchase. In my article I am going to list several steps you can take in your wedding planning so that your wedding vendor(s) will most likely offer you a discount and/or free item with purchase.

1. Ask your questions before buying the product. Vendors love questions, but they also love when a customer takes the time to read the description of the item before asking their questions. Most of the time the answer will already be in the description. If you’ve read through the description and can’t find your answer then ask the vendor your question. If important questions are asked after you purchase, vendors often wonder why those questions were not asked before purchase. Especially, if the answer depends on if you want to keep your purchase or not. Vendors work with many engaged couples at one time and the vendors time is just as valuable as yours. If you plan correctly you can make the question process an easy one for both you and the vendor. Being a responsible, thorough bride can make all the difference in the vendor offering a discount and/or free item.

2. If you are purchasing personalized items it is very important that you review and correct any changes to your wording before you submit it to the vendor. I have written another article called “Submitting Your Personalized Invitation Wording” that goes into detail on the steps you need to take when submitting your personalized wording. If you help make the proofing process simple for the vendor it will be easier to ask for a discount and/or free item. If the vendor has to make change after change because you find errors you’ve made on each new updated proof then their time isn’t worth giving a discount. Having your wording ready is easy, it just takes simple steps to make sure you are submitting it correctly. Changes are part of the proofing process but should be kept to a minimum of 2-3 changes at the most. I encourage you to read my article about submitting personalized wording.

3. When you find that perfect item you are wanting from a vendor be sure to check out their other items they offer for sale. In most cases, they will offer matching items that will look great at your wedding. This is probably the easiest step to take when asking for a discount and/or free item from a vendor. If you plan on purchasing multiple items from the same vendor don’t be afraid to ask if they will offer a discount. Another example is to ask them if they will throw in a free item if you purchase a certain amount from them.

4. The last step is to ask the vendor if they offer free items if you give them referrals. In most cases, they will give you the free item or next purchase discount after the referral has purchased from that vendor. In the 14 years I have been in business I normally offer a discount to the person they referred to me as well.

Receiving discounts and free items is definitely a must when working on a budget for your wedding. There are plenty of vendors that are more than happy to give you that discount and/or free item…all you have to do is ask!

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