Coming up with wording for your personalized wedding invitations and other stationery items can get overwhelming. In this article we will list some very important steps you’ll want to take to make sure your wording is just the way you want it. With a huge variety of wording options available today from the internet, you can mix and match wording from different invitation styles.

Searching ideas for wording is actually pretty simple. Once you are ready to find and put your wording together you can do a search from your favorite search engine. Here are some keywords that will help with finding the perfect wording:

• Bride and Groom inviting guests sample invitation wording
• Bride’s parents inviting guests sample invitation wording
• Groom’s parents inviting guests sample invitation wording
• Bride and Groom’s parents inviting guests sample invitation wording
• Children inviting guests sample invitation wording
• Destination wedding sample invitation wording
• Divorced parents inviting guests sample invitation wording
• Private ceremony with reception after sample invitation wording
• Second marriage sample invitation wording

Before submitting your wording take the steps below so the submission and proofing process goes as planned.

Step One: Once you have found the perfect wording be sure to check for spelling and grammar errors. Most invitation companies do not edit your wording. Most invitation companies will allow changes after your wording is submitted, but response back from them with acknowledgement of changes can take 24-72 hours. So, it’s important that you make sure your wording is correct the first time you submit your wording. You should allow enough time for changes. Allowing at least 7-10 days for submitting and proofing your personalized item should fit in your schedule. Most invitation companies can make the proof and complete the proofing process in a few days.

Step Two: Be sure to have 2-3 other people look over your wording before you submit it. This is a sure way to make sure your wording is laid out correctly and the spelling and grammar details are correct. Also, having a few other people look over your wording can give you ideas of what you might be missing in your wording. There are several ways you can submit your wording. The invitation company will either have a form for you to fill out, submit only through email, or for Etsy sellers you can submit your wording through an Etsy message or through the sellers email which will be located in your purchase confirmation.

Step Three: After you have submitted your wording you should receive a proof of your item, within 24-72 hours, to look over and check for errors. If an error is found you’ll want to contact the company and let them know of the error(s) and request a new updated proof after the corrections are made. Most invitation companies will update proofs with changes for free. Some invitation companies only allow three updates and then they charge for changes. Creating Paper Memories updates your proof at no additional cost. We understand that times, locations, spelling errors, etc can happen and changes needed to a proof are normal.

Step Four: Once the proof looks the way you want it to, let the company know that you approve the proof. When you approve the proof be sure to ask them when you can expect your personalized items to arrive. This information should also be available to you in the description of the item or in the companies policies.

Step Five: After your proof has been approved, this is a great time to look through the other items the invitation company has to offer. In most cases, they will sell other personalized items that match your invitations. Since you have already purchased from them you could ask for a discount or free item with your next purchase. In most cases, if you ask for a discount you’ll receive one.

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