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Getting Married In Minnesota?
Information you might want to know if you are getting married in Minnesota.

Minnesota State Flower

Do you want to use the state flower in your wedding bouquet?
The state flower of Minnesota is the beautiful Pink and White Lady Slipper.  (Pictured above)
Also known as the Showy Lady’s Slipper.

Minnesota State Fruit

Do you want to use the state fruit in your wedding dessert?
State Fruit:  Honeycrisp Apple

Getting Your Marriage License

If you are getting married in the sate of Minnesota, you must first apply for a wedding license at any Recorder/Treasure Office or License Service Centers.

Marriage license fee: $40.00 with premarital education.

  • Minimum age to get a marriage license in Minnesota: Age 18
  • Be sure to contact your county Recorder/Treasure Office or License Service Centers well in advance of the wedding to find out on what days and during what hours the Clerk will be in the office.  Some locales will require an appointment.
  • There is NO waiting period.
  • The wedding license is valid for 6 months.
  • There is NO blood test required.
  • Residency is NOT required.
  • A marriage must be witnessed by 2 adults in Minnesota.
  • Both parties need to be present to apply in person.
  • Both parties need to provide a valid form of I.D.
  • Both parties need to provide a valid Social Security number/card.

You can check most recent updated laws here.

Plan Your Wedding According To Your Favorite Season

Summer temperatures average in the mid 80F’s, but high humidity levels make it feel closer to the upper 90F’s.  Summer weather create around 40 major thunderstorms every year.

The daytime highs in the Winter months rarely get about 30F and nightly lows are below freezing.   Plan on a lot of snowfall and be careful of freezing ice.   Winters are beautiful in Minnesota and can make postcard perfect wedding photos.

By the beginning of September the air has cooled off and the summer rain has dried up.   With blue skies and the leaves on the trees turning color, a Minnesota Fall wedding is very popular.  Snow can fall as early as October so having a September wedding might be in your plans.

If you choose to have your wedding in the Spring, you might want to opt for an indoor wedding as temperature fluctuations and windy weather can put a damper on outdoor weddings.

Popular Minnesota Wedding Traditions

  • Most engaged couples in Minnesota choose a more formal wedding.
  • Indoor wedding venues are just as popular as outdoor venues.
  • Instead of a full dinner menu, most Minnesota engaged couples opt for cocktail receptions.
  • Tradition in Minnesota is that the bride’s family pays for the wedding.
  • Minneapolis, Saint Paul and Rochester  are the three most popular cities to get married.
  • Rustic weddings on the lake are popular in Minnesota.