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Getting Married In Arkansas?
Information you might want to know if you are getting married in Arkansas.

Arkansas State Flower

Do you want to use the state flower in your wedding bouquet?
The state flower of Arkansas is the beautiful Apple Blossom.  (Pictured above)
Apple blossom is one of the most fragrant and beautiful flowered species.

Arkansas State Fruit

Do you want to use the state fruit in your wedding dessert?
State Fruit: Vine Ripe Pink Tomato

Getting Your Marriage License

If you are getting married in the sate of Arkansas, you must first apply for a wedding license at any in-state county clerk office.

Marriage license fee: $60

  • Minimum age to get a marriage license in Arkansas: Age 18
  • You can obtain a marriage license from any county in the State of Arkansas regardless of where you live, or where you are getting married.
  • There is NO waiting period.
  • The wedding license is valid for 60 days.
  • There is NO blood test required.
  • Residency is NOT required.
  • Witnesses are not required in the State of Arkansas.
  • Both parties need to be present to apply in person.
  • Both parties need to provide a valid form of I.D.
  • Both parties need to provide a valid Social Security card.
  • Marriage license can be used anywhere in Arkansas.

Plan Your Wedding According To Your Favorite Season

The heat and humidity being to be noticeable in the month of June.  In the month of July the highs can reach triple digits.

Starting in November you’ll see light frost becoming more common.  The average temperature in December is 53F during the day.  Severe ice storms and freezing rain occur most frequently during the month of January.

Even though in the start of fall, the summer temperatures tend to drag on.   Pleasant conditions normally prevail by the last week of September.   The fall colors of October make a wonderful background for your perfect wedding!

March gradually signals the beginning of spring; however, it is common to see one last snowfall.  April has the highest average rainfall and occasional potential for tornados.  May high temperature average is 80F.

Popular Arkansas Wedding Traditions

  • About a third of Arkansas engaged couples choose to have a casual wedding.
  • Indoor wedding venues are just as popular as outdoor venues.
  • Barn weddings are still popular.
  • Tradition in Arkansas is that the bride’s family pays for the wedding.
  • Little Rock and Fayetteville are the two most popular cities to get married.
  • In Arkansas you might find bride’s choosing to have mismatched bridesmaids dresses.