Getting Married In Alaska?
Information you might want to know if you are getting married in Alaska.

Alaska State Flower

Do you want to use the state flower in your wedding bouquet?
The state flower of Alaska is the beautiful Alpine Forget-Me-Nots.
Forget me not flowers bloom between July and September.

Getting Your Marriage License

If you are getting married in the sate of Alaska, you must first apply for a wedding license and submit it to the Bureau of Vital Statistics, or local Alaska Court before marriage license is issued.

Marriage license fee: Fees are $60 in the state of Alaska for a marriage license.  Marriage license fees must be paid when the license is issued.

  • Minimum age to get a marriage license in Alaska: Age 18
  • Applications should be submitted to the Bureau office or Alaska Court that is closest to where the marriage ceremony will be performed or where either Party can easily pick up the marriage license.
  • There is a 3 waiting period.
  • The wedding license is valid for 90 days.
  • There is NO blood test required.
  • Residency is NOT required.
  • Two witnesses are required for the wedding ceremony in the State of Alaska.
  • Both parties need to be present to apply in person.
  • Both parties need to provide a valid form of I.D.
  • A birth certificate may be required to show proof of age.

You can check updated laws here.

Plan Your Wedding According To Your Favorite Season

You can expect highs in the 60’s and 70’s.  You might find some periods of 80 degree weather that will sneak in.   Summer weddings in Alaska are sure to make your wedding photos look like postcards.

No matter where you hold your wedding in Alaska, a one or two-hour drive in any direction can result in a 30 degree temperature change.  The truth is, winters aren’t as bad as myth would have it.  Mid-November to the end of January can be difficult weeks because of the lack of daylight, but by mid-February, the days start getting longer again.

The weather starts to turn cold.  Not only do the trees turn color, but the ground turns color as well.   Rates are cheaper if you have a fall wedding, and your out of town wedding guests will love the discounts at the hotels.  Fall is well known for the beautiful Northern Lights.  Alaska has a lot of rainy days in the Fall.

During the weeks leading up to late June’s summer solstice, the sun is above the horizon anywhere from 18-21 hours depending on the part of the state you are having your wedding.  This gives a longer reception time for some weddings to enjoy the sunny evenings.

Popular Alabska Wedding Traditions

  • Most engaged couples in Alaska choose to have their wedding outdoors during the summer months.
  • Arriving to the wedding in a kayak or boat is a well known tradition in Alaska.
  • Large fire pits at the reception.
  • Alaskan cruise weddings are also popular.
  • Anchorage and Juneau are the two most popular cities to get married.