With so many color options available for weddings, it’s almost impossible to have every color at your wedding match perfectly.    For example:  If your color is a pale yellow and you are ordering from several different vendors, the shade of pale yellow might vary from vendor to vendor.    Below are some ideas to help you when choosing your wedding colors.


The only sure way to have an exact match to the color you are choosing for your wedding is to mail a color swatch to your vendor(s) you are working with.    For example:  When you tell your vendor that your color is turquoise, if they don’t have an exact color swatch to look at they have to make their best guess at to what shade of turquoise you are wanting.    Below is the many different colors of turquoise.

Maybe you thought there is only one shade of turquoise and didn’t realize you needed to communicate with the vendor that you are needing an exact shade of the turquoise.   Even after sending a swatch to your vendor the shade may not be an exact match.   When it comes to wedding colors you need to understand that your colors won’t match exactly with the different products you are going to display at your wedding.   Having different shades of a color is actually very pretty.   Like in the picture above, the different shades look really good next to each other.  Having your wedding color in just one shade might have your guests remembering about their old prom days.


Looking at the picture at the top of this page, do you see how the color shades don’t match exactly but make the table setting elegant and beautiful.   Take the flowers for example.   It would be impossible to match the table cloth color exactly with the flower color, or the napkin color with the chair bows and rose.   But arranging the items in a way to show the different shades of the colors makes the colors blend very well together.

When choosing your wedding colors be sure to search the color online to look at the many different shades of that color.    Mixing and matching colors like in the photo at the top of the page makes it easier to blend shades.   Vendors are well educated on weddings so be sure to ask for their advice and input on how you should display your colors at your wedding.

The important thing to remember is this, colors vary from each vendor and if you plan on having a shade of color instead an exact color, you have just relieved a lot of time, money and stress from your wedding planning.   So, when communicating a color to your vendor be sure to have a swatch, or picture available of that color so the vendor can give you ideas and try to match it the best they can.  Having many shades will make your wedding photos look fantastic.