With the amount of online purchasing that is available today, there are certain policies that most vendors have in place that every engaged couple should know and respect when it comes to corresponding with a vendor.  Each wedding vendor does understands the urgency, importance, and expectations that goes into the planning of your perfect day so, we have listed below some common policies that engaged couples need to know when corresponding with wedding vendors online.


A lot of wedding planning happens over a Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.   Those days are easiest for engaged couples to get a lot done because they are normally off of work, out of school, etc.   The weekends are also the days most vendors receive a lot of their emails.

Some engaged couples may think that vendors are available 24/7 but the reality is, vendors have families too and unless a vendor has a retail shop with posted hours engaged couples need to be courteous and considerate when corresponding with a vendor over the weekend.

Here is an example of a bride who is eagerly wanting an answer to her question from a vendor.  When the vendor opens their email Monday morning this is what they see:
1. Friday at 10:25 pm – the vendor receives a question through email from a bride.
2. Saturday morning at 9:56 am – the vendor receives an addition to the question from the same bride.
3. Sunday morning at 11:49 am – the vendor receives an email from that bride with just question marks.  (??????)
4. Sunday evening at 8:20 pm – the vendor receives another email from that same bride that has just questions marks. (???????)

Not only is that bride being disrespectful to that vendor, she is also implying that the vendor should answer her emails quicker than the vendors policy states.    Do you think the bride has read the vendors policies to when her email would be responded to?   Probably not.    That vendor might not be so quick to answer the brides emails, and will attend first to the engaged couples that are not coming across so pushy.

When emailing a vendor be sure you give the vendor adequate time to respond back to you.  If your planning timeframe has left you in a panic, be sure to let the vendor know what timeframe you are under.  Most vendors are willing to work with you under tight timeframes if you are upfront about your wedding needs and expectations.  If you do correspond with a vendor over the weekend don’t expect a reply back until sometime on Monday.    Most emails submitted during the week can take up to 24-72 hours to receive a response depending on the vendors policies.  There are a lot of vendors that do answer their emails over the weekend but again, remember to wait for a reply patiently.

If you need to take notes during your wedding planning journey, you can download our FREE wedding planning guide and checklist.

Just remember:  Most vendors work with 20 – 100+ brides at one time and they are willing to give discounts, or throw in something free for you, if you understand their policies and give them enough time to meet your expectations.  So if you are working together with your vendor and it’s going well, don’t be afraid to ask for a discount or something free.  The hard fact is, if you do not give yourself enough time to plan for that vendors services, they won’t be able to accommodate your wedding requests in the timeframe you are expecting them to.   It is up to you to read the policies and understand that each vendor puts in a lot of hours to make your day special.   They work late evenings and a lot of times are away from their families during the busy wedding season accommodating the needs of their customers .  Vendors are excited just as much as you are about your wedding day and that is why they are willing to put in the extra time to fulfill your wedding needs.




There are a lot of new and exciting wedding items out there on the internet these days.   When making your choice to purchase an item be sure to contact the wedding vendor with any questions you might have.   Making your own assumption about the question you might have could leave you disappointed with the final product.    There are too many times people will purchase a product by just looking at the product photo.   Are you the type of bride that does reads through the product description or do you just email the vendor without reading the description when your answer could be right there in the product description?

Since most vendors try their hardest to describe the wedding product and/or wedding service it might be wise to make sure that you read thoroughly through the product description, the FAQ or Q&A section of their website, etc.   The answer to your question will most likely already be available to you on their website without you having to contact the vendor.

If you need to email the vendor be sure your questions are fully understandable.   Here is a checklist of things you want to include in your email with your question about their product(s) and/or services:

  1.  Include your wedding date.  This will give the vendor an idea of when you need your item(s) by.   Many engaged couples fail to include their wedding date upfront expecting the vendor will get the item to them on time.
  2. Include the item name or product number you are inquiring about.   If you ask your question and the vendor has no idea what item you are asking about, once you do tell them the product name it could take another 24-72 hours for you to receive a response.
  3. After you have emailed the vendor a question, you need to wait 24-72 hours for a response.   Emailing the vendor again before that will not get your questions answered any quicker.   Vendors are working diligently with other engaged couples and that is why they have policies in place when it comes to responding to emails.    Just remember, if the vendor is working on your product would you want other engaged couples to be sending email after email asking the vendor why they aren’t responding?   It takes time to work with each engaged couple so respect the vendors time when they are working with other customers.   You would want the vendor to work quickly on your product too when you purchase from them.
  4. The first time you email them ask the vendor if they offer any discounts.  Especially if you are purchasing a lot of wedding items from them.  Most vendors will be wiling to give a discount if you ask.
  5. When you purchase an item online, be sure you double check your shipping address to make sure it is correct.   The vendor is not responsible to reship your item if you have it sent to the wrong address.

After you receive your item(s) or wedding service from the vendor be sure to leave the vendor feedback.   Read our ‘How To Leave A Review For A Vendor‘ article for full details before leaving feedback.