Whether you are excited or disappointed about the product and/or service you just received from a vendor, you automatically think about what type of review you want to leave them.  Here are ways you can be sure you are leaving a review that both you and the vendor will be happy with.


That feeling you get when you first see the finished product or the perfect colors of the item you just received from a vendor.  The smile you have on your face and the reactions you get from your family and friends when they see you smiling from ear to ear.   All of these feelings are how you hope all of your transactions and communications go with all of the vendors you are working with.    If this happens you are sure to help other brides with their decision about that vendor by giving that them a raving review.

Once you are ready, here are few tips on what you can include with your review:

1. If there is an option to include a photo with your review you’ll want to do so.   Vendors love seeing their products displayed at your wedding.   Just remember: Vendors are just as excited about your wedding day as you are.   They would love to see how their product fit in with your wedding décor and colors.   Also, when you are reading reviews isn’t it helpful when the person leaving the review provided an actual photo?

2. Go into detail of why you liked the service and/or product you received.   For example:  You receive a handmade piece of jewelry that you are wearing at your reception and just adore how it turned out.   Instead of writing ‘It turned out great’, you can review it like this: ‘When I opened the package I was just amazed at how incredible this piece of jewelry looks.  I can’t wait for my family, friends and guests to see me wearing it on my wedding day!’.    Not only does it help the vendor but if you are reading a review, how would you want others to describe the service and/or product.   Reviews help when it comes to choosing the right service and/or product.


When working with a lot of vendors, especially for a wedding, you will come across some products and/or services that just don’t meet your expectations.   A lot of the times it’s because of miscommunications and/or simply an error or overlook on the vendors part.

Before leaving a bad review, here are a few tips that will help you so you are not so discouraged or angry with that vendor:

1. If you’ve received a service and/or product from a vendor and it’s not what you ordered or expected be sure to communicate with that vendor before leaving a review.   Most vendors do not realize if it’s a mistake or an error if it’s not brought to their attention.  When you do bring it to their attention they will most likely fix it, replace it or offer a refund.  Most of the negative reviews you see for vendors are from customers that don’t communicate with the vendor after receiving their products.   They are too quick to judge that vendor and review them as horrible.   Not only does this make the reviewer look bad but it doesn’t give the vendor a chance to correct the reasons for the bad review.   Once the review is placed, most vendors won’t be as willing to help resolve the situation.

2. When contacting the vendor about the situation with your service and/or product that you received, most vendors will make it situation right.   They will replace the product, fix the product, and/or give you a refund.  In most cases you will be totally satisfied the second time around because then you’ll realize vendors are human and do occasionally make mistakes. Vendors are here to make your wedding day special by trying their hardest at meeting your expectations.  Vendors are just as excited about your wedding day as you are.

If you find yourself no so happy with a vendor do a good thing and give them a second chance.   Trust us, you’ll be glad that you did!